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What You Should Consider When Choosing A POS System

One of the most important decisions that a business owner can make is choosing the right POS system. It is important that you take the time to carefully research the POS systems available to you. The problem that many business owners have is that they do not know what they should be looking at when choosing a POS system.

The Price

According to IRC Sdn Bhd when you start a business, you have to carefully consider your finances and how much you are able to spend on different aspects of the business. This is why price is one of the first points you have to look at with your POS system. Fortunately for small businesses, SaaS model software has lowered the overall price of POS systems which means that you can get a system for a reasonable price.

One issue that you have to keep in mind when looking at the price of the system is the differing quality. While there are many good quality POS systems for affordable prices, there are also a lot of mediocre ones as well. One of the best ways that you can determine the quality of the systems is through the pricing. If there is inconsistent pricing, the quality of the product might not be the best.

The Reporting

When you are looking at POS systems, you have to look at the reporting functions. There is no point in having a POS system that does not report transactions, your business inventory or customer activity. A good POS system will be able to provide all of the reports you need to track your business and drive sales forward in the future.

When looking at the reporting, you should consider how easy it will be to customise. There are many businesses that need to look at their inventory reorder statistics, but there are others that do not have to worry about this. You have to look for a system that has reporting which suits your business and your analysis needs.

The Integration

Many business owners do not consider integration when they look for a POS system. However, this is something that you need to look at because it can make the running of your business easier. If you have a business newsletter, you should look for a POS system that integrates with your mail provider. This will allow you to collect all of your customer emails in your POS system and you can sync the mail account with the system to have a single system to work with.

The Support

Another aspect of the POS system that you have to consider is the support you will be getting. Most people do not want to think about something going wrong, but you have to consider this as it can affect the running of your business. You need to have a POS system that offers 24-hour support because you do not know when something could go wrong. Ideally, you will want the support to be offered via different channels such as phone, email and live chat as this ensures that you will always be able to get through. Find out more at

Start And Grow Your Business With ServeComp Technologies IT Solutions

It’s always a bit scary to open a new online business. We here at Servecomp Technologies Office Solution worked toward that goal for years and last year, we finally opened our online shop. As the saying goes, nothing worthwhile comes easy and so it was with our new business. We overcame challenges and faced obstacles, but eventually, we had our own online business. The launch was exciting and brought the promise of many more opportunities to come.

Opening our online business was not a simple decision. We researched and discussed all the pros and cons of an online vs. a brick and mortar business. One of the biggest challenges we faced was creating an e-commerce business from scratch. We had to develop the concept and then build and operate the business. It was a continual learning process and we truly struggled in the beginning. Our team was new to e-commerce and knew we needed help to make our business a success. We chose ServeComp Technologies to help us with IT solutions. Their expertise and advice were crucial to ensuring we made the most of all opportunities and helped our business succeed.

Build Your Business With The Help Of A Professional IT Company

While our company team is very professional and talented, we also know we aren’t IT experts. We didn’t possess the necessary skills or expertise to successfully launch our e-commerce site. We knew that the success of our new endeavor required a strong web presence. To help us achieve this, we hired a professional IT team to help create and maintain our e-commerce site and shop. This included a professional web developer who built a robust site that attracted customers from day one. As our business grew, we hired an IT solutions team to streamline our entire e-commerce business operation. These IT professionals created and implemented IT solutions for inventory, maintenance and time management. As they put everything into place, we began to realize just what we’d been missing.

One of the best decisions we made as a new e-commerce business was to hire ServeComp Technologies. This company offers a complete range of IT services and specialize in helping new e-commerce startups just like ours. We decided to use their system integration services which helped us move to a completely digital environment. They also ensured all our data and information was securely backed up at all times and available on the cloud.

This regular backup of all company data and information to the cloud helped ensure we never lost information or data and that it was always readily accessible. The IT services provided by the ServeComp team were so successful that we also chose them to help us launch our mobile app.

Choose The Best IT Solutions Team – ServeComp Technologies

We are convinced that our business would not be as successful as it is without the help of ServeComp Technologies. Their team of IT experts partnered with us to create and implement our IT strategies. They offered guidance and advice and were always ready to listen to our concerns and answer questions. One of the best things about working with ServeComp was their ability to provide everything we needed within our budget. This is critical to a new business.

Working with the ServeComp Technologies team was easy. This team of professionals always completes a task on time and are available to help whenever we need them. Check out their services at


Epoxy Floor Paint Benefits

Instead of replacing their old concrete floors, most people these days use epoxy paint for floor to fix it. The reason for this is because the paint makes the floor function and look better than ever. Using epoxy floor paint has many benefits to it.

Epoxy Floor Paint Benefits


A room is made to look very beautiful when epoxy floor paint is used. Bare concrete floors are not very professional looking or appealing. When epoxy floor paint is used it can make a room very appealing since it covers up a damaged floor.

These painted floors are very easy to maintain and clean and can last for a number of years even in areas with high traffic. This means epoxy floor paint is ideal for areas where heavy traffic and equipment comes in contact with a floor.

Another great benefit is there are so many different color options to choose from so you can find whatever kind of shade you are looking for. So you have a good chance of finding just the color you want whether you want your floor to blend in with the room’s other decor or make it stand out.

Cost effective

One of the best epoxy floor paint benefit is that it is quite cost effective and you won’t need to put down flooring that might not last very long or tear up the floor. It outlasts many other types of floors and isn’t that expensive. It isn’t necessary to hire a professional for applying the paint so in the long run you can save even more money. Check out Miracon FB to get a list of low cost epoxy products that you can apply to your own floor.

Resistant to stains and damage

Given that epoxy floor paint is both stain and damage resistant, it will continue to look new for a number of years. Damage and stains are common threats to the appearance of areas like basements and garages. Even in areas with high traffic epoxy floor paint isn’t easy to mark up. That means high traffic business area can continue to look good for long periods of time.

Makes floors appear even

There is a chemical in epoxy that helps it even surfaces out. Therefore, uneven floors and surfaces that have cracks cannot beat epoxy floor paint. All you need to do to make a floor even again is apply the paint properly.

Water Resistant

Epoxy floor paint is water resistant and can better protect your floor compared to other options. Eventually water on a concrete water is disastrous. There are a limited number of ways for protecting concrete particularly in areas were there are frequent water spills. Painting the concrete using a protective coating will extend the life of a floor longer and better than most other cover methods.

Not hard to apply

It is not difficult to apply epoxy floor paint and you can do it on your own. All you need to do is spray it onto a floor surface. Just carefully follow the directions and prepare the floor ahead of time and you will have a beautiful and smooth floor that you can be very proud to tell everyone that you did the job on your own.


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